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The focus of our "Bumper to Bumper" family of companies is to attract and retain customers by providing excellent customer service. We specialize in serving the installer (mechanic) working at vehicle repair facilities, service stations and dealerships. We pride ourselves in the value we offer customers through:
  1. Our employees' knowledge about auto and heavy duty parts and related products. Part of what we sell is precise information on the right parts necessary for a particular job.
  2. Understanding our customers' specific business needs.
  3. Striving to meet and exceed our customers' expectations by providing the "right parts at the right time."
  4. Serving as a one-stop parts/supplies supermarket, offering everything a wholesale or retail customer needs for repair and maintenance of a car, truck, recreational or heavy-duty vehicle or farm equipment with over 200 product lines and access to more than 100,000 product items. In addition to parts, we carry paint, tools, shop equipment, supplies, oils, chemicals and accessories.